Helping women recover from a lost love, find new love, or fix their current love so they can live a fulfilling, joyful and healthy life!

When I signed up with Jamie for her program I was really just trying to figure out how to deal with a difficult relationship in my life. I knew it was unhealthy and I needed to change some things.

Working through the program was at times liberating and at other times I wasn’t fully sold in my own mind that I needed to make the changes Jamie mentioned.

I finished the program with some great tools but I never took that final step to remove the unhealthy influence from my life. I stayed in it for several more months.

However, months later, after not making any progress forward and rather backsliding into anxiety and depression, I came across something I had written during one of Jamie’s activities and suddenly it clicked. I cut off communication with the negative influence in my life and it was almost an immediate change. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. I know I had to be ready for it. All I can describe it as is that the fog suddenly lifted and I saw the world new again.

That week I saw someone in a new light before me who had been there for months but I had never paid attention to them. It was almost like the light was shining directly on them. Thanks to the tools Jamie gave me, I approached this situation with a new confidence and calmness about me that I had never experienced before. I don’t doubt myself or over analyze what I say in this new situation. That is a first for me. I’m true to myself, knowing my worth and value.

I am confident that the tools Jamie has given me will continue to make a long lasting impact in my life going forward and I would recommend her to anyone. She genuinely cares and has a passion that comes across when she talks to you.

Thank you, Jamie!


Jamie’s program which is called Love Energy, has changed my life in so many ways! Not only did it change my life, but the system Jamie teaches continues to change and shape my life everyday. Even though I have finished the program, I am continuously surprised at how the shifts I have made continue to show up in my life.

The amazing process Jamie takes you through in her program is something I should have done years ago. Her coaching and program not only made me a stronger and wiser person, but it also made me become more present in my every day life. I also improved my relationships, my job performance, and my family relationships.

Not only have I been able to appreciate all of the moments in my life and find joy again, but I am also able to see where I wasn’t a perfect partner from tragedy in my past. Learning how and what has transformed me and programmed me to hold me back in life was eye opening. I learned about manifesting the life I have dreamt of and I continue to attract it more and more everyday.

Becoming self-aware of who I am and what truly makes me happy has changed my life forever!